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Rudra Exports

Rudra Exports Ice Bucket 1500 ML | Ice Tong | Peg Measure | Pourer | Set of 4 Pieces

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How to use the Taluka cocktail shaker set to get the most of it. Step 1 - Prepare your cocktail, Pour the ingredients into the mixing tin of the shaker, using the jigger. Step 2 - Add ice to the mixing tin, fill so that the tin is 2/3 to 3/4 full of ice. Step 3 - Place the lid with the built-in strainer on top of the of the mixing tin, the small lid goes on top of the strainer. Step 4 - Tap it with the heel of your hand to seal it, make sure its sealed well. Step 5 - Hold the shaker in both hands, with one hand on top and one supporting the base, give a sharp snappy shake. Step 6 - Remove the small lid and pour the drink through the strainer into a chilled cocktail glass. Enjoy your cocktail and is made of the finest stainless steel mirror finish and holds up to 750 ml that is about 2-3 drinks, made of BPA resistant materials, dishwasher safe, that will not to rust, leak or to loses quality properties in time. Built-in strainer, with a perfect seal Taluka cocktail shaker kit not only looks attractive or elegant but has been designed to last a lifetime, it is well balanced and feels great in your hand, certain to be the most used piece of your bar equipment, comes with a lot of bonuses that don't require any further tools. A must-have for the home bar, the Taluka twisted bar spoon is ideal for use with the cocktail shaker, tall glasses, and pitchers great for mixed and layered cocktails. It's an entertaining essential. The double size jigger will help you to measure your beverages. One side measures 60 ml capacity, other side measures 30 ml. You will not waste any expensive liqueurs.