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Rudra Exports

Rudra Exports Steel Copper Sauce Pot Handi Bowl (1000 ML)

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1 Rudra Exports Presents Steel Copper Sauce Pot Bowl.

2 This set is made from high quality stainless steel making it exclusive and durable.

3 This Sauce Pot set has been beautifully designed to add grace to your dining experience. It is strong in  construction and will not bend or have dents during normal use. Stainless steel is hygienic to use and easy to clean as compared to other materials.

4 Serve Indian dishes to your friends and family in this unique and ethnic looking centerpiece serve ware. With this serving utensil set your Indian style dining experience goes several notches up. The material used is food grade. Copper is used only on the outside of the utensil and does not come in contact with the food. Only the high quality food grade stainless steel is in contact with the food. Copper utensils needs to be cleaned at regular interval for removing the dark marks.

5 Dark marks are formed due to oxidization process. It is the basic nature of Pure Copper that it oxidizes when it comes in the contact of air and water