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Rudra Exports

Rudra Exports Bartender Kit for Cocktail Making with 10" Muddler, 11" Stainless Steel Mixing Spoon, Strainer,Mojitos Drinks Bar Kitchen Tools: 3 Pcs

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  • This bartending supplies and accessories set including a wooden muddler, a bar spoon and a four-pronged stainless steel bar strainer.

  • Release extraordinary fresh flavor combination directly into your mixed drinks with this 8" wood muddler! A must have for all bars, this muddler concocts various delectable drinks. Crush mint for mojitos, rosemary for whiskey, or fruit for fresh sangria.

  • This muddler's long length makes it useful in taller mixing glasses. Simply place your herbs or fruit in the bottom of your glass, add some simple syrup or alcohol, and use the rounded end of this muddler to mash the herbs until their flavors are extracted into the perfect cocktail! The muddler tapers in toward the opposite end, and has a flat head for an easy, comfortable grip!

  • This 11" spoon will effectively mix drinks in even your tallest high ball glasses or shakers! The uses of this spoon aren't constricted to just bar service, though! Use this spoon for milkshakes, too. The teaspoon end is great for measuring out mix-ins such as sprinkles, crushed cookies, and other toppings. Great for use at your salad bar, as well, this mixing spoon lets you mix up dressings to an ideal consistency and serve them over salads with the bowl of the spoon for a healthy portion.

  • Create your delicious signature cocktails with the help of this stainless steel four-prong bar strainer. A necessary addition to any bartender's arsenal, this strainer allows you to strain your cocktails for a fresh, debris-free drink that's ready to be served to guests. The spring filters and catches ice and other solids, and the perforation provides smooth, efficient pouring.