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Rudra Exports

Rudra Exports Cocktail Bar Sheesham Wooden Muddler and Mixing Spoon Home Bar Tool Set,: 2 Pcs Set

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  • RUDRA EXPORTS COCKTAIL MUDDLER WITH SPOON - Create delicious refreshing cocktails Creating exquisite cocktails requires not only the right ingredients but the right tools as well.

  • Professional bartenders will tell you that the muddler is one of their most indispensable tools.

  • The muddler is essential for thoroughly blending the flavors of herbs, spices and fruits used in many popular cocktails.

  • The Mojito, Mint Julep, old Fashioned and Capipiroska all require muddling to make them taste fabulous!

  • This "muddling" of the ingredients brings forth a burst of flavor when the alcohol is poured into the glass over the mixture.

  • Traditional muddlers are made out of lacquered wood, which often, over time, becomes difficult to clean and can lead to polluting your drinks.

  • This new modern version is made of stainless steel which will remain beautiful and never add unwanted tastes to your drinks.

  • It has a grooved nylon head for through mashing (muddling) of ingredients. A well-stocked bar includes fine liquor and all the bartender's tools, so don't forget your Rudra Exports muddler. It may well inspire you to open up a cocktail book and try a new drink.