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Rudra Exports

Rudra Exports Cocktail Fine Mesh Strainer Stainless Steel Professional Bar Tool Conical Food Strainers, Tea Strainer, Juice Strainer: 4 Pcs Set

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  • BEST DOUBLE STRAINING TOOL - We designed this to meet you want when mixing a thick drink with pulp and lime seeds. Hawthorne for first sifting crushed ice and fine mesh for double straining small fruit ingredients, it will get your drink softer

  • PERFECT SIZE - Cone shaped double strainer in 3" diameter that easy to hold.

  • PREMIUM QUALITY - In heavy duty stainless steel, it will not bend or rust after using for several times. Polished rim and weighted handle can make strainer sit on shaker or cocktail glass stably. Best bar tools for high-volume work.

  • Strainer/sieve fine mesh ideal for straining broth, gravy, sauces, pastas, jams, sifting flour, sugar, tea & more

  • BRAND ASSURANCE - NJ is a professional bar tool brand, you can find all the bartending tools in our shop. All the product quality assurance, provide life-long service.