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Rudra Exports

Rudra Exports Cocktail Muddler Set, Spiral Fork Mixing Spoon & No Prong Bar Strainer, Home Bar Bartender's Muddling Tool Set: 3 Pcs Set

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  • Make sure every cocktail is bursting with flavor! ESSENTIAL TOOL - Create the perfect Mojito, Mint Julep, Old Fashioned or Caipirinha every time with this essential muddler bar tool.

  • Our handles are weighted and balanced to coax out the perfect amount of juice and essential oils from fruit and herbs. Take your cocktail game to the next level! NON-SCRATCH WOODEN HEAD - This grooved muddler head quickly and easily mashes citrus fruits, herbs and spices.

  • Never scratch or break another glass in your cocktail set with our non-scratch nylon head! EASY TO CLEAN - This stainless steel and nylon bartender set if stain and stick-resistant.

  • Easily wash off your cocktail tools or throw them in the dishwasher! CLASSIC SWIZZLE MIXING SPOON - Long handle cocktail spoon, ideal for mixing, stirring and layering; fork tip easily spears hard to reach jarred garnishes.