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Rudra Exports

Rudra Exports Cocktail Shaker Bar Set, Professional Bar Tools: 8 Pcs Set

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Mix things up with our cocktail shakers set, perfect for pouring a single-serving drink or creating a custom-cocktail bar for a party. A fun addition to the home bar, they’re also perfect as hostess favors, stocking stuffers or garnishes for bar-themed gifts. Crafted to the same quality as our full-size version, they boast the classic look of stainless steel, watertight lids, smooth pouring spouts and a splash of intoxicating charm.

  • Benefits You Get With The NJ Cocktail Shaker *Create 4 - 6 drinks per each drink shaker. Or 6 - 10 shots *Perfect for cooling down any drink of your choosing *Can make any drink including classic Manhattans, martinis, and other mixed drinks

  • Is versatile enough to be used as a Boston shaker

  • Create precise measurements with the jigger that comes with the cocktail shaker (30 ml and 60 ml doubled sided)

  • Comes with mixing spoon + cocktail muddler + 2 liquor pour spouts

  • Our cocktail shaker will not rust or leak

  • 2 liquor pour spouts with dust cap covers

  • They fit a multitude of different liquor bottles, you can pour liquor more accuracy and experience less spillage and less mess.

  • Stainless Steel 24 Ounce Cocktail Shaker

  • 24 oz stainless steel Boston tin that can hold up to three drinks with a built-in strainer lid. and prevents the cocktail making kit from retaining odors or staining. NO rust, Leakproof.