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Rudra Exports

Rudra Exports Gold an Silver Plated Brass Bowl Flower Design Set of 5 Pcs with Box Packing

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This is an unique, antiques Light-weight show peace for home decoration. it's design to looks Traditional stylish and inspiration from the day's of Royal touch. That is made in Brass antiques finish, Brass to bring elegance to your home.You can keep it your table central. This is hand made handcrafted items. That is beautiful show-case utility items & an ideals gift it to your dear once to pass on your best wishes, that is an ideal gift for have warming anniversaries, birthday,return gifts,corporate gifts,religious-gifts & Indian festival-gifts. Washing and Drying - Once all dust and wax are removed, wash the item by hand with warm water and a gentle dish washing soap to remove any food but don't soak the silver in water for any length of time. Rinse the piece well with clean water, distilled is best, and dry immediately with a soft, lint-free cloth. A hair-dryer set on warm helps to dry hard-to-reach places. After your pieces are clean and completely dry, wrap each of them individually with acid-free buffered tissue, butter paper or washed cotton, linen, or polyester to store. Do not use woolor newspaper, which can cause excessive tarnishing that will be difficult to clean, or even worse can remove Items Color Plating