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Rudra Exports

Rudra exports Kitchen Cooking Culinary Tweezers, Stainless Steel Precision Tongs, Medical Beauty Utensils, 6.3 Inches : 6 Pcs Set

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  • Feature: Stainless steel tweezers,flat and slant fish bone tweezers pliers for culinary, medical, beauty,cooking, remove fish bone tongs tweezers food design styling chef's favorite The tweezer fine-tip design easily grasps delicate item.

  • offset design makes food easier to handle The flat and slant tweezers design is easier to get close to the surface of the object, sharp, practical and convenient and no damage to the surrounding flesh Specification: Material: Stainless steel Product Size: 4.7/6.3 inches Color: Silver Package includes: Flat Tweezers x 1pcs Slant Tweezers x1pcs Tongs Tweezers x 3pcs Care: Never leave tweezers in water for long time. It may left water marks which decrease PH level of surface of tweezer and that leads towards rusting later.