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Rudra Exports

Rudra Exports Long Handle Mixing Stirring Spoon for Tall Glasses, Ice Tea Coffee Ice Cream Cocktail Bar Stainless Steel, Soda Spoon, Bournvita/Horlicks, Milkshake Spoon 8" : Set of 4

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1 Rudra Exports Iced tea spoons, Set of 4, are ideal for stirring beverages.

2 With its elongated, streamlined handle, each one will reach all the way to the bottom of a tall glass.

3 These stainless steel teaspoons work well for iced drinks, as well as floats and shakes. They are durable and easy to clean so they will last through many uses.

4 These stylish teaspoons are a fine addition to your kitchen or wet bar. Iced tea spoons, also called tall drink spoons, is a thin spoon with a very long handle.

5 It is used primarily in the United States, for stirring sugar or other sweeteners into iced tea, which is traditionally served in a tall glass. just stirring tall glasses of cool iced tea, lemonade or chocolate milk, iced teaspoons are a perfect spoon for an ice cream sundae.

6 Some of our staff also use them for dishing out condiments like salsa and sour cream. Don't under estimate the ability of the iced tea spoon.