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Rudra Exports

Rudra Exports Professional Boston Shaker Set with Hawthorne Strainer and Japanese Jigger, Bartender Tool Kit, Home Bar Cocktail Maker Set : 4 Pcs Set

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  • Professional Grade All-Stainless Steel Boston Shaker Set with Strainer & Jigger Designed by a career bartender for bartenders and serious cocktail enthusiasts.

  • This cocktail shaker set is the exact style you will see behind craft cocktail bars worldwide, complete with a pro-quality Hawthorne Strainer and Japanese Jigger as well.

  • The Perfect Shaker Set for your Home Bar Designed to be durable enough for a high-volume bar but perfect for any home bartender, this set is ideal for any bar.

  • - Boston Shaker provides an exceptional seal while still being easy to open and pour.

  • It won't break like similar glass sets or freeze shut like Cobbler style shakers. It's perfectly balanced for comfort and speed behind the bar.

  • - High-end Hawthorne Strainer is custom designed for ergonomics, performance and beauty. Its high-density spring keeps pulp and ice fragments for your drink - while sitting comfortably in your hand. - Durable Jigger measures your ingredients perfectly, and is comfortable enough for the longest bartending shift.

  • All components are made to work perfectly together, so you'll know for sure that the shaker tins are compatible and the hawthorne strainer will fit perfectly. Why choose a Boston Shaker? There are two common types of cocktail shakers: the Boston Shaker and the Cobbler Shaker.

  • The Boston Shaker is made up of two cups, with one that nests inside the other. Cobbler shakers are a different shape with a "cap" on top.

  • You'll find Boston Shakers like this one in most high-end cocktail bars, because they provide a better seal and don't freeze shut.

  • You'll find they also provide a cleaner, dripless pour. Start with the shaker, hawthorne strainer and jiggers that the pros use.

  • You'll never have to upgrade - it's the perfect addition to your home (or high volume commercial) bar.