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Rudra Exports

Rudra Exports Sheesham Wooden Muddler Bar Tool, 10 - Inch Hardwood Mojito Muddler with Flat Head, Commercial Grade Cocktail Drink Muddlers: 1 Pc

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  • Making cocktails is an unrecognized art; you have to get all the ingredients in the right quantities, or your drink is ruined.

  • More than just sticking a slice of lemon on the side of your glass, true garnishes involve various fruits, herbs, and spices.

  • A Wooden Muddler is a highly important tool when getting stuck into advanced drink mixing.

  • Simply chucking leaves of mint and lumps of ginger will leave you with a flavorless drink.

  • With a muddler, you crush your hard ingredients before application to help release the flavors and give yourself a much better drink experience! Dimensions: Length: 10 Inches Diameter: 30 mm Packs Available: 1 x Wooden Muddler