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Rudra Exports

Rudra Exports Stainless Steel Japanese Measuring Cup Gold Ring Cup bar 60 and 90ml

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Rudra Exports stainless steel peg measure cups for measuring bar drinks. One side measures 30 ml, while the other measures 60 ml. Essential bar accessory for making cocktails, liquor drinks. A necessity for the modern lifestyle.

  • A must-have for all bars, homes, and restaurants. Unique design and functional mosaic-style double cocktail Rudra Exports measure ingredients for mixing beverages and making craft cocktails and other mixed drinks.

  • The Rudra Exports measure is an essential item to any home bar. With a double-ended design, you can easily measure out either 30ml or 60ml.

  • It is ideal for use when mixing cocktails and dispensing spirits. The perfect way to serve your spirits accurate and consistent for getting precise measurements.

  • Tall cup shape makes filling easier with less spilling. Application for cocktail party, home, bar, coffee milk tea shop, etc.

  • We guarantee quality and service. Extract the very soul of your cocktail creations an essential tool for any professional bartender, the Rudra Exports offers a high-quality design with practical functionality.

  • This multi-use tool lets you mix cocktails, create layered drinks. Go ahead, pick your poison. Rudra Exports will be around longer than your measurer for sure. About us: Rudra Exports is an art form that places together pieces of material to create a unified whole. And Rudra Exports houseware puts together different product ranges and offers you a wide range of stainless steel lifestyle products from India.