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Rudra Exports

Rudra Exports Steel Straws, Bended Stainless Steel Straws for Drinking, Milkshake Straw, Cold Drink Straw,Reusable Straws, 8 inch Long (Pack of 10)

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  1. Your Last Straw. Reusable Steel Drinking Straws can be used forever and do not rust or degrade over time.

  2. The rounded tips are sustainably engineered to give you the perfect sip ensuring safety.

  3. Each straw is sterilized to maintain hygiene standards. .They are dishwasher friendly and brush ensures extra cleaning.

  4. .304 Stainless Steel metal is naturally food grade and Eco friendly. Sip Responsibly! Avoid Plastic Straws .Plastic straws can't be recycled and don't decompose, leading to long-term pollution of our land and oceans.

  5. .Because they?re so lightweight, plastic straws often blow into waterways, landing in the ocean and harming wildlife.

  6. Perfect for every occasion .Having a party at home .Sipping tender Coconut at home .Functions & Gatherings .Juices, cocktails, Mocktails or Milkshakes.Camping or traveling. Acts as a sustainable cutlery for Bars, restaurants & cafes.

  7. Smart and sustainable product, pack of 10 straws with cleaning brushes is an ideal corporate and birthday return gift solution.